About Render

Render Networks is an innovative network construction software company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

We have a dedicated team and a global presence across USA & Australia in support of leading fibre network and construction clients who use our technology platform to deliver world-class outcomes for their communities. 

Our end-to-end Digital Network Construction platform utilises the latest GIS, mobile and automation technologies to deliver high-value network assets without traditional inefficiencies of manual hand-offs and paper-based construction approaches. 

Real-time, geospatial data provides increased control and visibility, resulting in unparalleled resource productivity throughout design and construction project lifecycle. Render enables all project stakeholders to view information at the same time, and ensures the right resources are at the right place at the right time to design and build networks better and more efficiently than ever before. 

Our team are dedicated to delivering large-scale fibre networks around the globe, and Render is currently experiencing unprecedented demand in Australia and North America on the back of client results which demonstrate cost and schedule savings of over 50%. 

Such results and industry demand for innovation confirm a significant market opportunity for Render and we’re committed to building the team further with Tech & Engineering talent who are just as passionate about innovation and the technology we’re building.


Sam Pratt // Chief Executive Officer


What is the role that Render Networks plays in our industry and what impact have we had so far?

We’ve created a digital construction management platform that enables telecommunication network operators and construction teams to digitise the construction workflow and significantly reduce the time and cost of large-scale fibre deployment projects.

With current levels of investment in this space in both Australia and the US, we’re proud of our leading role in digitising the industry and our customers are seeing significant reductions in project budgets and timeframes as a result of using our digital platform.

We’re talking about projects that connect 20,000 locations over 4,500 fibre miles that are being completed two years ahead of schedule, with cost and schedule savings of over 50%.

The global impact we’re having is a huge testament to our Australian-based tech & engineering team and the innovation they’ve delivered for us customers.


What does the future look like for Render?

This global infrastructure investment trend is ramping up and we’re perfectly positioned to partner with the industry and unlock a new level of technology-enabled efficiency in how large-scale networks are delivered.

That said, what’s most exciting about the road ahead is the growth it will enable for our people. Render’s success is fueling a rising tide of development opportunities only possible in high-growth, global technology platforms and businesses. 

We’re a team focused on innovating how large-scale networks are deployed and energised by the impact our platform and technology has every day on connectivity outcomes for underserved communities.


What experience can people expect when they work at Render?

We are an open and inclusive global team and company and we’re really focused on reimagining the way that we connect the industry.

As a scaleup with 40 people globally, our people work on the things that matter and create leading edge technology, have a voice to contribute to projects and get to see the impacts of their work quickly. We celebrate the wins and we’re a group of great people solving customer challenges together.

John Podlena // Chief Technology Officer


Tell us about your experience and what led you to being the CTO at Render?

I’m passionate about programming and creating clever software that is well used and loved. Since my first coding experiences on 8 bit PCs, through to making software with aspects of AI / machine learning, simulation, optimisation and automation; I love using the latest technologies and working with teams with a similar passion.


Tell us about the engineering culture you’re building at Render?

I’m very focussed on everyone having a voice at Render with the freedom to create, innovate, learn and thrive.


Tell us about the technologies and frameworks that Render uses?

I think it is very important we use the latest tech for front and back end systems – keeping us on the leading (if not on the not bleeding) edge. I love getting the opportunity to delete code and rewrite in a newer technology, or deploy smarter algorithms/engines; it always improves our velocity, quality and opportunity to learn.


What can people expect when they join Render’s Tech & Engineering team?

We are a friendly, diverse and open team with a passion for what we do. You can expect to be welcomed and guided in learning about our systems and gaining new skills while being able to quickly contribute to some amazing projects. We value our people greatly and want to continue to maintain our culture as we grow.


What projects can software engineers expect to work on at Render?

We have projects that cover front and backend software development in web as well as mobile technologies. Our applications are very GIS focussed, with maps, optimisation, data visualisation and data science a vital part of what we do. 

We love giving our customers wonderfully designed UI and solutions that are smart and best in breed. We understand how solid DevOps and SRE can reduce the pain/stress in developing software and in running live systems, and give us a real edge.


What do you personally love about working at Render?

I’ve worked at some impressive organisations, however Render has been the coolest project I’ve been involved with by far. Our work covers deep aspects of geospatial manipulation and visualization, “big data” management, mobile and web applications, operations research and data science.