Welcoming StarRez to the AllSquares folio of incredible SaaS companies! 

We are super thrilled to partner with the folks at StarRez as they embark on the next phase of their Digital transformation journey! 

What is StarRez? 

In short, they help create thriving communities. With over 900 customers worldwide, StarRez is the leading global platform for thriving residential communities, with over 250,000 residents and staff MAU’s using our cloud products alone. With customers such as Yale University, UCLA, Harvard, University of Melbourne, Deakin Scape, UniLodge and Veil Resorts, they are constantly improving their offerings and products. As they move into new markets while going through a digital transformation, StarRez is addressing a growing demand from their customers and users.  You can read more about their products and services here.

AllSquares has been appointed to help build up their team, and we will be sharing more details about the upcoming roles we’ll be recruiting for in the coming days / weeks! 

Another recent appointment is StarRez’s new CTO, Damian Fasciani. Damian took the time to answer our questions about his professional journey, why he joined StarRez, and what the future holds. You can (and really should!) read it all here.

If you have any questions, or are interested in hearing more about the work we have been tasked with, please reach out to julien@allsquares.com.au and / or Zach@allsquares.com.au